I like beekeeping because it gives me something to do when I am bored. I started beekeeping when I was 9. I was 10 when me and my Dad and my Grandma helped the bees survive through the winter for the first time. Now I am 11 and this is my 3rd year and last year we got 170 pounds of honey. My business is the Bee Happy Honey Products. We are in Mount Vernon Ohio and my apiary is on the north side of town. We sell honey and nucs. Our honey is sold in one pound glass jars at a price of $12. Last year we stated out with 4 hives and ended with 10 hives. When bees swarm that means that the queen lays an egg and the egg hatches and it is a queen and the old queen flies with half the hive and finds a new home.

Update on beekeeping! We now have 7 hives as of September 30th 2022! We sell honey locally! Just check the Vine Street Barber Shop and get a jar for $12! If you bring a jar back it will knock a dollar off your next purchase. Below are pictures of Queen bees, they lay the eggs and are pretty much the foundation of the beehive. You can identify them by looking for the long, skinny, and smooth abdomens. There are only one in each hive.

Queen bee found in center above.
Queen bee is lighter, doesn’t have stripes and longer than the workers.
Above is a good shot of the eggs. The smallest strait one that is right above the lower bee’s eye is newly laid. The thick, fat one is a larva, the next step in a bee’s early life.
Above is raw honey being strained so that the dead bees and wax will not be in the jar. This is done right after we extract the honey out of the frames.

So thats it! Thank you for reading till the end! See you next year for an update! -Judah