Pros and cons of pet fish

Hi! Welcome to pros and cons of different pet fish! I’m very exited about this page. I got a fish tank 2 years ago and I have studied different types of fish. First off we have bettas. Bettas are one of the most common fish, probably because they are relatively cheap and also because they have labyrinth organs which allows them to breath air, resulting in the fact that they don’t need a filter. A common mistake is putting them in a tank with other fish. I had a betta a while back and i put him in my community tank. The fish where peaceful and when I put him in the tank everything was fine, until i stepped away. I left and got a few cleaning supplies to clean the tank and when i came back the betta was ripped to shreds and lying at the bottom of the tank dead. Now, after saying that, here are the pros and cons of owning a betta.


•The setup isn’t too expensive (but fish can be more expensive)

•They don’t need a tank therefore they can be kept in a bowl and that is good if you don’t have much space

•They dont need much cleaning

•They are very pretty


•If you want a tank with multiple fish probably shouldn’t get a betta as they are very territorial

Above is my betta, Bubbles

So there you have it! The pros and cons of bettas! Thank you for staying till the end! I will be posting new fish every week! If you have questions comment below! -Judah


Hi guys! Today I am back here with pros and cons of owning gouramis! Gouramis are close relatives of bettas. They also have labyrinth organs but the aren’t as well known as the betta. I had a three spotted gourami but I got rid of her after she killed 7 seven of my other fish. Gouramis tend to be very aggressive like Blue Gouramis but others, like Dwarf Chocolate Gouramis are very timid. Now, after saying that lets get to the pros and cons of owning a gourami!

Three Spot Gourami, Very aggressive.
Dwarf Chocolate Gourami, Very timid.


• Gouramis are very stunning and big so they are good for a ”center piece” fish aka your main fish

•They do clean the tank a little bit


•Some species are very aggressive

•They can get big unfortunately for people with small tanks

So thats it! Come back next week for more! -Judah